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Towing a Smart car on an A frame

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Do you tow a Smart car on a A frame?
Had any problms with gearbox or anything else?
How many miles have you towed your Smart car?
What is the furthest you have towed it without driving it in between?
Various comments in poll section say damage may occur if you tow a Smart car on a A frame so I would be grateful of any experiences before having A frame fitted.
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Re Smart car towing

i have a roadster smart, and was told that they CANNOT be towed on an A frame because the have a centrifugal clutch system,
I was going to use a dolly to tow mine but was told it would have to have the rear wheels off the ground.......Problem: they dont have a steering lock on them to lock the wheels
We have opted for a trailer
Bantam trailer do a bespoke trailer for the "baby"smart which i believe i have seen a MHF member with one on this site called "biggermac"

Flying scot

Dont knock smart cars :lol:

i have never had so much fun in a car for years

very fast
little racing car
paddle gear shift
soft top
the list goes on


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1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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