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Towing a Smart car on an A frame

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Do you tow a Smart car on a A frame?
Had any problms with gearbox or anything else?
How many miles have you towed your Smart car?
What is the furthest you have towed it without driving it in between?
Various comments in poll section say damage may occur if you tow a Smart car on a A frame so I would be grateful of any experiences before having A frame fitted.
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Hi my Smart has a 6 speed manual box, you can use it as an auto or change gear using the lever, it is electronically controlled and not hydraulically driven.
It only has a brake pedal and throttle pedal, it is great fun to drive and is towed on an A Bar.
Hi Dennis, the gears are in neutral, the key is turned to first position, Doors unlocked,unbraked A Frame with Brake Buddy in car to operate car brakes, all fitted by Towtal, car plugs in to light socket on motorhome.
Towtal fit a Frame to the car and wire up a plug for the lights etc, A Frame clips on to Brackets on car plug in electrics and Drive .

hope this helps
Hi Dennis, yes it is extra but it means you can use the lighter unbraked A Frame and the Brake Buddy does all the braking.
All in Price around £1200,
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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