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Towing - Electric Connection from tow bar

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I have a Chris Cox A Frame fitted to a Peugot 107 which hitches up to my Autotrail Apache Mar 2007 model. It had a Totail Towbar and Electrics fitted Sep 2007.

I used the rig2 weeks ago which was perfect appart from a sound from the back every time I indicated (a bleep/screech sound). We decided to take the car away again this weekend, however I first pluged the cable into the car and the other end in the motor home, I heard a slight click coming from underneath HM, when I was all set to go I carried out the normal test, and discovered not lights or indicators on the car.

Phoned Totail who told me to removed the flying fuse under the cab bonnet for 30 secs to see if the relay had reset which it did not.

Could this problem be the the little box of tricks at the back which is wired in line from the external socket (is this the relay?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Alan and Jean
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hi alan,
yes its the one under the camper and youve probably at worst blown the relap and at best the inline fuse if there is one fitted if not get one :roll:

what did the instructions say about the connecting sequence van to car first or the other way round.

boy is it hot in southampton with a cool sea breeze 8)

Not related to your question but the bleep/screech sound you got when everything was working was probably the (legally required) notification that the trailer indicators were working. It's to remind you to allow for the extra length when yhou turn. Some installations have an extra warning light and some (yours) have a beeper.

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