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Travel Money

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Does anybody have one of these? Any problems with them?

Travel Card
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Yes the are realy good put money on them use them topay for fuel ,food, or draw cash out,had one for a few years and found to be very good
at 2 euro to use an atm and 3% commission for foriegn currencies it might get expensive. There are lots of others offering similar cards that might be cheaper for you. look at for alternatives
You'd be better off with a Nationwide 'FlexAccount' which entitles you to a Debit Card with no Foreign Transaction charges in Europe and the commercial Exchange Rate. You can also apply for a Nationwide Credit Card which offers the same benefits, but you do then pay a fee if you use it in an ATM, which is where the Debit Card comes in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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