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Trojan on my laptop

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I am using AVG 8.5 but this morning after using a website called Limewire for downloading music I got an alarming message that Trojan Win32,agent azsy has infected my system.This malicious program is a Trojan. It is a windows PE EX and after a scan 56 threats have been found. Once lauched the Trojan copies its body to the current users Windows startup directory and attempts to steal passwords from Int.
Another message just came up but I blocked it, I have a 'Personal Antivirus page come up to 'Get full Protection' This is a pay one something like $79. AVG is showing a tick for antivirus. Anyone who can give me advice please, is it unwise to open the laptop at all?
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Look at this site, you can do it automatically or manually, the instructions are very clear.
I had a very similar trojan on my lappy a couple of weeks ago which also got through a fully updated installation of AVG :evil: Also from a Limewire download. I'd expressly forbidden my teenagers from downloading from this site but that another story. I ended up re-formatting my HDD & replacing the operating system as I could'nt find a removal tool that worked. The virus kept redirecting my browser to unwanted web pages.

Have you checked on the AVG forum for a solution ?

You could try posting your problem on an on-line help site such as:-

If your post gets picked up, you will be walked through a repair process.
You will need to download a program called HiJackThis which will record a logfile of all that is going on and will be used to determine what action is to be taken.
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