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Turning off fridge cabinet light?

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Up until recently, whenever I wasn't using the mh, I had it on hook up on my drive. Because it wasn't to be used for only three weeks, I didn't bother to hook up and when I went into the van at dusk, noticed the fridge internal light was on, as we keep the fridge door open to keep it ventilated to prevent mould appearing inside.

Almost from new, the light hadn't worked but we weren't the least bit bothered about that as the fridge worked fine on gas, 12V or mains.
The rotary switch is turned to all off but the light still comes on when the door is opened.

Although not much of a problem when on hook up, I don't want a flat battery if it's not. Is there a switch somewhere where I can isolate the fridge from the electrics entirely?

I appreciate I could always remove the bulb, that would certainly fix the problem.

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yes, we have the same problem when not wanting the fridge on - I think it's on a separate circuit, and we switch off the fuse on the control panel.
Hi Moley and thanks for that observation. :wink:

I confess to having never thought about it like that. As I type, the fridge/freezer doors are ajar, so not doubt the interior light is on. Going to check now. :roll:

I'm back! No problems. 8) The light is controlled on our 150L unit by the Automatic Energy Selection (AES) dial. When turned ON, and with the door open slightly, the light was ON. When I turn the AES to OFF, with the door still ajar, I could see the light go OUT.
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