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2003 Timberland Freedom
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On my 'new to me' Timberland panel van, the Truma hot water system had two issues which had me puzzled...

Problem No 1. Kitchen mixer tap, hot water would flow for a few seconds, perhaps a a litre or so, then go cold.. then after a couple of litres of cold it went go hot again.. my first thought was the Truma boiler was full of crud.. and had a reduced capacity...but why was it running hot and cold ? Tried on both gas and 240v and the same result..

Problem No. 2. Hot water was coming out of the cold tap in the bathroom , not nice when brushing teeth.

On investigating I found there was no Non Return Valve (NRV) fitted to the boiler cold feed. This is required in a pressure system as otherwise hot water can back-feed up the cold line before the pressure pump cuts in.

So problem No 2 solved, Truma NRV fitted to boiler cold water feed line.. no more hot up the cold line..

but this didn't explain the small amount of hot water from the kitchen mixer tap.. on further investigation, I found the cold and hot pipes where crossed at the mixing tap, hot feeding cold and visa versa...

So a missing NRV and a tap connected the wrong way round .. simple fixes but had me puzzled for a while ..

By the way, it had a dealer hab-check before I bought it.. makes me wonder who is working in dealerships these days.. maybe the Lone Ranger checked mine over.. !!

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The habitation checks often involve a checklist of ticks and they only check those specific issue.
To be fair both your faults weren't something broken or failed but build (or later mod) issues.
But good on you for resolving them and making your van that bit nicer.
We bought a previously enjoyed Autograph a few months ago and I'm still tweaking things to my liking.
The biggest issue we have is the Truma heating being under my wife pillow. Bad enough that it heats the water during the night but it also want to do a massive heat at 2am to kill off bugs.
So we have to manual turn off the hot water before bed and turn on when we get up. The day before we use the van I turn the hot water on and let it boil in the night.
Sadly there is no timer for the hot water system....
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