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Underskirt boxes

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Are they called this? Sounds like something to do with crinolines ....

Want to fit boxes behind skirt for dirty/wet things - have it done for us I think probably best. Has anyone any experience of this?
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I will reduce the size of some pictures I have our our "Genie" box and put them in my photo gallery on this site. We looked at the Beanie Boxes and found the former better made and it hasnt leaked. Genie Boxes are produced by JH Caravans Dewsbury West Yorks. Small family fabrication business who are also motorhomers (give me around 24 hrs to do this busy at the moment)
Pictures now on site. Sorry if dark but have a few more that I could put on if you wish

JH Caravans or under their other name, One Off Sheet Metal go to the York Show each year and have a sample on stand. They can however show you their huge Hymer thats got them fitted or you could tag along and see quite a few on the ASOC rally area.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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