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You may remember I had not received my newstyle V5c Logbook and was advised by DVLA when I phoned them that it was because I had sold the vehicle and it had been sent to the new owner, when the motorhome was on my drive outside and still owned by me.
Well the outcome is that I have had my vehicle examined and all VIN and associated numbers verified and have been advised that some poor soul out there has bought a stolen vehicle that has been 'ringed' with my registration number. It is now owned by an insurance company that has already settled the origional owners claim. I cannot imagine the feelings of the poor individual that has laid out in the region of £25000 for the 'ringed' vehicle.
Please anyone buying a vehicle make sure you at least do the rudimentary checks for VIN etc.
I am now in receipt of the proper logbook V5c and I just hope they sort out the individuals that can do this sort of thing to others.
I would advise anyone who has still not received their new V5c to contact DVLA as soon as possible.
Incidently there is the second occurance of this that I am now aware of as a friend has just had the same happen with a classic motorcycle that has been of the road for over 8 years and is in peices in his garage being restored. when he applied for the new V5c, because he did not want to loose the origional registration number he was told the same as me and is now waiting for the DVLA man to inspect his vehicle.
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