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I think with RVs you get what you pay for. The cheaper end SEEM remarkable value-for-money, but the last thing I would do is have one of those touring around Europe. The quality and reliability would be lacking. But from the median to the start of the upper quartile, perhaps characterised by Winnebago and some of the Monaco range, the quality is as good as european motor homes and the value-for-money can easily exceed it.

I recommend David Berry's book "RV in UK". At the time he had a 28ft Winnebago Brave, and a 32ft either before or after that.

If you haven't done so already, just ensure you are comfortable with the length and width for the sort of use you anticipate. Think of the sites you will wish to frequent, access to and from them and how you will get into towns and cities.

It is a massive cost if you get it wrong and have to sell, so take your time and research carefully and objectively.

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