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US RV Quality versus EU Motorhomes Quality

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I have been doing some looking round on the cost of US RV's and with the Dollar rate, plus local competition in US the prices look very, very good.

Has anyone any comment on the reliability or build quality of the US RV's over there european counter parts.

The additional size, with slide outs and totally seperate bedrooms even in 28' is an attraction.

In particular Winnebago Sightseer 29R (A class 29') and Forest River Lexington (255DS 26').

All comments welcome

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HI Bazman
i looked at various euro motorhomes (just finished working for a citreon dealership) It depends what you are looking for ,the euro motorhomes were not for me i came to the states and bought a 38` Fleetwood Revolution LE .I dont want to offend anyone but if you read the forums on american sites the problems they get will scare the life out of you,slideouts ,sewer,electrics,michelin tyres to name only a few.
In reallity i have found a lot of the american RVers are way over the top and when i throw a technical quetion their way they havent a clue,and watching what they get up too cracks me up.
As for the rv its first class living 400bhp diesel triple slides all the bells and whistles reliability sure we have had a couple of minor hicups but easily sorted ,just look at the spec of an american rv against a european motorhome and you will see you get more bang for your buck.
If you want a top spec RV at a good price mine will be for sale when i import it back to the uk in july.
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