Vango Airhub Hexaway II Tall. Only 3 months old.

This is an hexagonal tent which can be attached to a motorhome (as a "drive away") or pitched independently.

It is very easily and quickly erected/inflated from one point.

This is the "tall" model for motorhomes between 245cm - 295cm high if you want to attach it to a vehicle. Dimensions: Height: 420 MM Width: 430 MM. Depth: 700 MM (Assumed to be the full width when attached to a motorhome).

All information available on the pictures of the publicity. The full kit as new is there. Also included is the optional Vango carpet.

Very comfortable on the feet! Full details on the publicity picture.

The cost 3 months ago was a few pounds shy of £900 for the "Hexhub" and the carpet.