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Oh how we miss the louvre vents in our T2 Westy. Now in our T4 the only venting is the sliding window over the grill or the two door windows in the cab. Not very secure overnight or when the van is not occupied. I know the T2 Westfalia louvres could have been forced but there was a deterrent therein.

I thought I had found the answer in a solar powered roof vent from ICP Solar. The problem is I wanted to mount it on the pop up roof, which covers the entire roof area. ICP have confirmed it will work at a 45 deg angle, but may allow water ingress, so that's no use then. We haven't got a flat roof area.

Anyone know of a simple window vent unit, powered or not, we could insert in either the sliding door or the rear doors.

I will cross post this in the VW forum too.
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