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Oh how we miss the louvre vents in our T2 Westy. Now in our T4 the only venting is the sliding window over the grill or the two door windows in the cab. Not very secure overnight or when the van is not occupied. I know the T2 Westfalia louvres could have been forced but there was a deterrent therein.

I thought I had found the answer in a solar powered roof vent from ICP Solar. The problem is I wanted to mount it on the pop up roof, which covers the entire roof area. ICP have confirmed it will work at a 45 deg angle, but may allow water ingress, so that's no use then. We haven't got a flat roof area.

Anyone know of a simple window vent unit, powered or not, we could insert in either the sliding door or the rear doors.
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What about one of the trellis dog guard thingies that you buy for car windows.

They just slot in and you wind up/slide the window to secure the trellis.
Thanks, a good idea but the problem with anything in the cab windows or elsewhere vertical of that type is that the rain will enter.
I have a vent on my flat roofed pop top. I think it's a standard type design in that it can be tilted, forward or backward by around 45 deg.
I frequently use the tilt feature when it's blowing a gale from one direction.
Wouldn't tilting something like this at 45 on your roof alsmost give you a flat vent lid?r
OK Tony thanks. What is like when the weather is wet?
Hampshireman said:
OK Tony thanks. What is like when the weather is wet?
Well if I had it fully extended (level, or 45) and it was raining and windy, I guess some rain would blow in but it's possible to raise it partially so as to give ventilation but not let the rain in.

In another life I had an old Devon Hi Ace with a side hinged elevating roof. I seem to remember it had a similar vent and I don't ever recall a rain issue.

I think your best chances are to go for a roof vent but one that you are able to open "just a crack" - I'm very nervous about leaving side windows open while I sleep.

(I'd also be very nervous about cutting a hole in my roof) :D

Good luck

Not sure if this will help or not...

Brandrup do several ventilation bits for VW's.

'Airscreens' for the cab windows that (afaik) don't let in water.

'Airsafe' which is basically an extension of the rear door latch to enable it to be slightly ajar but still locked if that makes sense.

Visit the website and download their catalogue (big file!)

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Thanks again Tony and Pete. Will take a look at both ideas today. Got the shower tray to seal first. Under orders!
I took a look at the German stuff and it looks ideal Pete. Thanks again.

They have a stockist in Southampton, local VW dealer, so I will give them a bell on Monday.

Likely to be expensive, but it's German and probably efficient.
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