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Hi all
I get many requests for assistance with mhfacts, my inbox normally has anywhere between 10-20 account assistance required emails (i.e. my password is lost, how to login, how to create an account etc), 15 or so general navigation questions (where is the photo gallery, forums etc)

and many more, these take me on average about 1-2 hours to progress through every day ;)

Does anyone out there have sufficient extra time atm, to help write a small self help guide for the site ?

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Hi there, I would love to help, unfortunately it is not time but my inexperience , I am one of the many that keep asking you question though your admin e-mail. I think my time for the time being is better spent keeping the forum alive with non technical question which apply mainly to new comers. I must admit some of the old hands on this site come back with great answers that are easy to follow. I agee with you , we need an idiots guide for people like me, somthing like the help screen on software packages.

David I think it is great that you are getting so many questions, and us regular members some how in a little way need to support you.

Keep the good work up

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