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vw caravelle with big stink HELP !!!!! 1990

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Can you help we are down in croatia and the the german couple on the next pitch have a big stink coming from there vw camper, they have flush out all water twice to no avail the smell is coming from the vents at the back and is terrible does any of you know what it can be
ps dont tell us to move we have a fab spot overlooking the sea,
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What type of VW is it, T2,T25,T4 or T5. On the earlier campers the vents located high up on the rear corners were to assist in ventilating the engine compartment. If it's one of these I'd check inside the engine compartment to see if anything has "died" in there!!

If it's a T4 or T5 with a front engine then can you elaborate on which vents the smell is coming from, as that may give a clue to the cause.
Just saw the title of your post included 1990 so presumably it's a T25 like this one. If the smell is coming from the black vents high on the rear corner, then that's the one that helps to vent the engine compartment.


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vw caravelle with big stink

Thanks you two for your quick replys and well done we have found the problem the bad smell was coming from the battery which was out of water many thanks to you we can carry on now with the pleasure of the sun and sea without the big stink one up for us brits and to be a member of motorhome facts at first they said no way was the smell coming from the engine compartment they insisted that in was a tank problem till i pulled out the bed etc from the back by the way the engine was at the rear, again many thanks for your replys
Glad you found the problem. If the battery was smelling that much I suspect that it's been "cooked" (over charged possibly). Chances are that he may be looking for a lift to the nearest battery shop for a new one!
vw caravelle stink problem

hi philoaks you may be right i think they may need a tow to nearest garage for a new battery looks like its been cooking for months but at least you helped find the problem we had fab evening with great sunset drinking the complimentery wine for our help without the stink , by the way we had a large one for you too.
Strange. The T25 usually has it's batteries located under the front seats..... :?
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