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ted34 said:
Is anyone able to help retrieve the code for me or know of a friendly dealer that can do this.
Serial number is: VWZ1Z2N1631989

Thanks in advance
Is that the radio serial number or the VIN/Chassis number - looks like a VIN plate number to me - the radio serial number is on the side of the radio as shown below.

Once you have the serial number go to - - enter the number and away you go.

The site given even tells you how to remove the radio - if you don't already know.

(If, because you're a non-subscriber, you're unable to read the link given, it's www_radio-codes_co_uk/volkswagen-radio-codes.html) the (_)underscores should be replaced by dots(.) and, you're probably also unable to see the picture - if that's the case, just go to the site given - it's all explained there.

Keith (Sprokit)


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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