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VW t4 Conversion?

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Hi everybody,

I'm currently looking into getting a VW t4 for me and my wife to start converting into a camper. We have done caravanning, and unfortunately my back won't stand for tenting it much longer (and I'm only 24!!) It has always been a dream of mine to own a vw camper, and to get me started, I think that this is the best way for me to do it.

I'm currently looking for dimensions for the rear of the t4, and also dimensions or diagrams for building the units for the cooker, fridge etc to go in the back of the van too. Can anyone help?

Also, anyone know of any vans up for sale?
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Hello there.

I have a '98 T4 conversion by Leisuredrive. I bought it privately and the vendor had had it fitted out to order by his mate, a carpenter.

I have no knowledge of self build/conversion but can offer any other assistance. I should be able to get you the source of a rock and roll bed. Pics of my interior if you want, too.
There's lots of info and help on the following link.

There's lots of info and help on the following link.

Hi Hampshireman,

If you could let me know what you know about the rock and roll bed that would be great.

Currently trying to find a decent base van to start work on. Looked into the DVLA and Insurance requirements to change it into a camper, so now have plenty of things to research!!

Any chance I can see the photo's of yours?



Thanks for the website, I have now joined them, and looking into options that are on their website too.


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Will send you the stuff later today as away from home computer at present. Will take some shots of the van too.

I bought a 'supposed' R&R bed from this guy up north and when we installed it, it wasn't a R&R. It still needed quite a manual levering to get it to a seat again. I had a go at them publicly on a VW website and they denied stuff, but lo and behold about 6 mths later they sent me down free gratis a simple mod which works OK. Still not as slick as the true R&R which I had in my 73 T2 Westy Bay but it is OK.

I had obviously rattled their cage and they thought about it, which is good. I believe just after I fitted it I found a true R&R at the same cost.

What are you doing regarding the roof?
Try this link for starters, lots of pics

Also look at

Bluebird Customs on 01254 888416 supplied mine. There is also KW Conversions who made the other one I found after buying Bluebird, but they not showing up on Google.
I once had a new (Irish imported) LWB T4 panel van (a 2.5tdi 102bhp flying machine) converted by Reimo in Manchester. They are very helpful and will give you all the info that you need and can supply parts for DIY or build the vehicle to any spec you want. They do various furniture kits of lightweight board.
BTW there is a very good VW forum in this website.
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