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VW T5 Riemo Roof Fitting

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I have just bought a SWB T5 to convert into a camper and was after some recomendations of companies who will do a roof fit for me.
Has any one used M.A.D workshop in Bristol??
Just need some feed back on who does a good job and what problems do i need to look out for.
I have also been told that the SCA roofs are indeed better than the Reimo..does anyone have any experience of these?
Thanks :D
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hi, i have not used mad workships myself, but i have a number of friends who have had work done on their vans by arthur at mad workshops, the standard of workmanship is seccond to none, be it roof fitting, bedfitting or stripping down and rebuilding the inner and outer sills of a 20+ year old camper!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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