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Wanted Ducato 18 JTD MWB 5sp gearbox.Where can buy spares?

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hi, 2003 Bessacar E765 motorhome with Fiat Ducato 18 JTD MWB. I'm needing a 5sp 2nd hand replacemetnt gearbox as the housing on ours is cracked and dripping oil. Off to France soon so I need to get a cost-effective replacement. Dealer prices arent an option. Just a salvage or 2nd hand spare will suffice (even though its a risk of other faults!) I need the correct ratios or the engine will rev too high costing a fortune on the motorways!!! Help....someone must know THE place to go. Ive contacted a few of the web van breakers and £895...eBay is nothing doing so where now?????????
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Depending on where and how the crack is, fibre glass patch would seal the leak.

you will be able to repair the crack with liquid metal such as Belzona, you may however have to remove the box and turn it upside down to stop the seepage before you can clean it up with brakecleaner and then blow it off with airline.As Peter said some bridge a gap may do the trick available from your local bodyshop factors.
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