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washing of motorhomes

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Does anyone know where I can get my van washed including the roof in the Cambridgeshire area?

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Is the van in Cambridgeshire too?

Kev_n_Liz your bored aren't you? :lol: :lol:

Com'n who told you, Sorry Ray, I just had to do it, are we still chums 8) 8)

Kev. :black:
How about coming to the Flamborough Rally? I will be offering my motorhome valeting service there. So you can relax while I sort your motorhome.

I cant get over to your area as its a bit too far away.

I offer a complete valeting service and do all work by hand. No pressure washers etc.
Kev_n_Liz As I sit here wondering which of the many jobs I need to put at the top of my list, while pouring another Bordeaux, I'm getting less and less bothered.

Of course if your really sorry you culd always 'bump' my other post about Calling home from the USA'.
If I did it would it be Interforum..??

Ray, that Bordeax looks as if it is working a treat

Why can`t you wash the mh and roof.

Havn`t you got a head for heights.

Dave P

It's imminent Dave.
But not after a 'couple' of Bordeaux's ......... :idea: should that be Bordeauxi's? Like two Stewardi's.

Roof and solar panel covered in Swallow poop. Leaving it till last minute before heading off to Le-Mans next weekend. In fact so many last minute things to add to that list. ... :? :roll:

I bet the 24 hr is a brilliant weekend. What is the camping situation like.
We are going toAssen in 3 weeks.

No Dave.
The 24 hour is a brilliant WEEK................ :D

Thousands just make it for the weekend race and get boozed up.
For 10 years friends and myself spent the whole week there enjoying the initial solitude in RVs. Then watching all the people coming in caravans, tents, sleeping bags and car boots.
We enjoy the cobbled back streets of Le Mans dining and the two days of scrutineering where you can get to touch the cars.
Then there are the two evenings of trials and night testing.

But then on the friday night 200,000 'fans' descend and start drinking for England. But they can't hold a candle to the Germans. It gets hectic from then on.
I park up as close to the course as possible but watch it on French TV.

It's a 'Woodstock' on wheels.

We were supposed to be in Amersfoort last month visiting my fathers war grave but it's been delayed till September.
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That sounds better a full week off work and away from her indoors.
Maggie spent the week re arranging the stock in the warehouse and i can`t find aything.

Dave P

That sounds better a full week off work and away from her indoors.
Maggie spent the week re arranging the stock in the warehouse and i can`t find aything.
Hummmm yerrrrss.
Odd innit. I like peace and quiet and go to a 24 hour race..??

As I have been stuck way out from the other campsites and entertainment 'village'. I dug out an old bike that had been hanging in my old damp shed for 15 years. Blew the tyres up and peddaled around the estate.
But took all day sifting through hundreds of old car and padlock keys trying to fit the one on the bike.
10 hours later after finding locks and keys that didn't marry up, the required key was in the saddle bag of the bike. Duuurrrr :oops:

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