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Washing the Motor Van!

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I posted on some time ago about the problem iIwas having with drying marks when wasing my MH.

It was suggested I tried the new Flash system, well I tried it on one of our cars and it did just what it said on the tin - dried with no spots or marks. The windscreen which would clearly show any drying marks was spotless.

Thanks for the help and suggestions!

John 8)
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Hi All,

can those of you who have used Mer give me some advice please? I used this on our first van (metal) and wasn't too pleased with the result but couldn't remember why. Having seen on the old site people recommending it I got some again. Have just spent 7 hours washing, rinsing the van (grp) and polishing and it looks.... awful :oops: :cry: Admittedly it was very dirty when I started, but I washed it (with Fenwicks m/h cleaner), then rinsed it with a hose, let it dry (it's still got BobbyDazzler on it I guess from last time, anyway it dried without streaking) then polished it with Mer. Some bits are ok, some look as though I haven't polished off the "dust" but I've rubbed at it till I thought I'd go right through! :evil: other bits look streaky. It does say "apply as many times as necessary to get a deep shine".. is it "just" a case of doing it over and over :roll: until it looks good or am I doing something wrong.

only whatever it is I have to do I'm not doing it tonight 8O :lol: :lol:
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