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Washing the Motor Van!

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I posted on some time ago about the problem iIwas having with drying marks when wasing my MH.

It was suggested I tried the new Flash system, well I tried it on one of our cars and it did just what it said on the tin - dried with no spots or marks. The windscreen which would clearly show any drying marks was spotless.

Thanks for the help and suggestions!

John 8)
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jabber said:
I would be very pleased to demonstrate on your Motor Homes, I can't stand people who are not prepared to back up their claims.

Please tell me where to send a pro forma invoice so that I can get your written agreement to my costs in advance, that way will prevent any problems after the job is done.

Travelling costs to site can be expensive, I usually use a Chauffer driven Rolls Royce, the disposable overalls and gloves are not cheap, but Harrods assure me they are the best. I shall also have a JCB waiting for me at your premises to assist with the higher parts. Should the total time with travelling exceed four hours, my usual working day I shall have to add the cost of a local 5* Hotel. there are of course several other minor charges but these will not exceed an additional £150.

I await your further instructions,

John :wink: :wink:
God your SO cheap in West London! Wish I had one of you up there :lol:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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