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Washing with Mer

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Has anyone used Mer to wash their van (I know someone has as I got the recommendation from this forum), my question about Mer is this,

On the bottle is states “Mer should not be applied to your vinyl bumpers”, why what happens and how do you stop it getting on them?

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Whilst we are on the subject can I just say to whoever it was that gave me the tip on the old site about what to do about the backs of my wing mirrors and suggested one of the bumper tyre sprays, bought some Tesco's own and the result was fantastic, all the hedge scratches just dissapeared, led on by this discovery I did the bumper, side plastic strips, indicator stalks, and then went mad and bought some dash spray too, And now she gleems.
Must use it on the tractor too :lol:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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