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Water carrier

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I have just noticed again watering cans being used to top up water. I think it´s time someone made a more convenient was to bring water to the van when you can`t get to the tap. Hans could have made a fortune I reckon if he had ut a bit more thought into this and made it collapsible for instance.

I never carry water to the van I think this is a 5 gallon can painted black to keep the sun off. with it goes a pump and I have an electric connection just inside the door to pump the water up into the filler hole. works a treat. The handle is detachable
And the water can is stored inside the Wheely in one of the outside lockers. I wouldn't be without it. Hans made this at least 30 years ago when we had a caravan, it was strapped to the back of the caravan onto another fitted fixture he had made.

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Brilliant! I dont get the watering can thing either. I love going off "hunting" for water. Its like a caveman thing. The hunter gatherer bring back the nice water for the little lady. :ROFLMAO:

I strap a 25 litre carrier onto the pillion of the scooter and store 3 x 5 litre carriers under the seat and in the top box. Then off I go in search of the very important water. Two trips generally will fill the van if its nearly empty although Ill usually make sure the tanks are full with the carriers full also as spares. Filling from the 25 litre carrier is a bit of a chore though. Ive tried using a funnel but you end up with most of it all over you and its flaming heavy. The best way I have found though is because our water tanks are internal I just whip the dinette seat off and fill the tank from inside. The carrier has a tap on it so its dead easy.

A fold flat sack barrow might be a good idea but I just use the bike now even if the tap is 50 yards away because of my knees. Something like this but its still something else to store

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I like the belt Jan.

Ties on the can on bumpy surfaces for a better ride
I had similar with a folding sack barrow similar to Barry's tho a bit flimsier I think, a 10 gallon container, and a spare pump. TBH the only part I carry now is the spare pump in case the main one goes. I find I'm pretty mean with water and I never sit long enough to need topping up before moving.
My carrier is used quite often when I am stationary for a few days and the hose doesn´t reach the water tap, not when I´m with the AMI group though, they carry very long hoses so someone will fill the tank for me.
John insists on a watering can, or two lol But as filling the water is his job I leave him to it, our filler is awkward and if you put a hose in no matter how sloly the water comes back out, would be so much easier and quicker to open a window remove a cushion and put it into the tank directly would want a stop tap on the hose though.
I use 2 watering cans if the tap is too far for the hose to reach. I carry one of those 100ft extending hoses and also a shorter 15ft one too for when we can get close enough to a tap.

We tend to travel with at least half a tank of water so that it's not an urgent job to fill it when we get to a site. I know it makes little sense lugging water about but as our outfit is 5t fully loaded, another 50kg or so makes sod all difference really.
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