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Brilliant! I dont get the watering can thing either. I love going off "hunting" for water. Its like a caveman thing. The hunter gatherer bring back the nice water for the little lady. :ROFLMAO:

I strap a 25 litre carrier onto the pillion of the scooter and store 3 x 5 litre carriers under the seat and in the top box. Then off I go in search of the very important water. Two trips generally will fill the van if its nearly empty although Ill usually make sure the tanks are full with the carriers full also as spares. Filling from the 25 litre carrier is a bit of a chore though. Ive tried using a funnel but you end up with most of it all over you and its flaming heavy. The best way I have found though is because our water tanks are internal I just whip the dinette seat off and fill the tank from inside. The carrier has a tap on it so its dead easy.

A fold flat sack barrow might be a good idea but I just use the bike now even if the tap is 50 yards away because of my knees. Something like this but its still something else to store

1 - 1 of 8 Posts