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Water filters

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I'm thinking of fitting a water filter/purifier, any advice on which sort is best and are they easy to install? thanks GIBB
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Hi, yes not difficult to install. Just use push on fittings for the plumbing. Hardest part is drilling a hole in your worktop for the tap.

The "Nature Pure" filter is considered the best but is expensive. Said to be able to purify canal water to drinking quality.

Personally, I never fill up with canal water so my cheapy filter is great for taking the plastic tank taste out of the tap water.


We have a nature pure filter and we love it. We've used it all over Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain and UK and never had to resort to buying bottled water. The filtered water tastes pure everywhere we go.

We never fill up from dirty canals either, but we have been supplied by hosepipes that were less than pristine - no problem.

It wasn't cheap but we think it was worth it. It was easy to fit.

We just use a filter jug to process any water we're going to drink - don't see the point in filtering water you're going to wash the dishes with! (given that you're not filling up with dirty canal water!)
And just what's wrong with canal water, our lass has been putting it behind her ears for ages, it even comes with a number, 5 or some such I believe, something to do with the quality.


PS Netto it cheapest for bottled I think, £1.69 for 6x1.5ltrs
I fitted a Nature Pure one to the cold water pipe in the toilet compartment which avoids using a separate tap as this can be used for filling the kettle ect.
However we bought a new filter around 8 months ago at £50 a time but the flow has reduced to a trickle and I don't fancy buying a new one so soon.
So at £150 for the initial kit it's not cheap especially if the filter only lasts 10 months or so.
Before making a final decision, have a read of THIS.
An informative, article. Snag is if not read to the end it could give the initial impression that the writer is against filters. In fact, at the end, Phred details the elaborate methods he uses to ensure pure water in his RV (an American article).

He seems to use a ‘simple’ filter on all incoming water (like the jug type but done in-line)

Then he uses the ‘Nature Pure’ type for drinking water.

We have Nature Pure fitted with its own tap (so that we don’t filter all the water). While it isn’t really needed in Europe, and we do try to disinfect the filling taps before we use them, it is rather disturbing watching other Campingcarists putting the tap down into their toilet cassette.

Only snag with Nature Pure is that it does not remove calcium carbonate. As France seems to be made of Limestone, we tend to get ‘scummy’ tea.

This is rectified by using a jug filter filled from the Nature Pure tap.

It would be better if we did the filtering the other way around, as Phred, does as the calcium carbonate (apparently) clogs the Nature Pure filter in time. However, we have used this filter for about 9 months in Europe and it is still going strong.

All ‘over-the-top’ I’m sure but it works for us!
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JWW said:
We just use a filter jug to process any water we're going to drink - don't see the point in filtering water you're going to wash the dishes with! (given that you're not filling up with dirty canal water!)
We have the nature pure fitted at the kitchen sink. We have 2 taps now one to the left and one to the right of the sink- one (a mixer tap) for general use such as washing up and washing and a separate one for the drinking water which comes off the nature pure. The water tastes really really good and we don't waste the filter by filtering water we don't need to. However, if we are somewhere where we think the water is dodgy then we can filter it all, although that means then boiling any water we need hot.

We too have a nature pure system and love it, just changed the filter which lasted us 2 years, because we have the separate tap fitted we only filter the water we are drinking not washing or washing up with.

There are 3/4 of us in the van and we use it loads , many weekends and 10 trips to France in the past 2 years.

Fitting the tap was a doddle, I say this because Andy managed to do it in around an hour and he is not into DIY at all, you do need a drill with the right sized bit apparently but had a neighbour with the exact thing we required.

Good luck with it
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