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Just registered to get my tickets for Burnley fingers crossed :wink:
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Hope Andy Stothert doesn't read that! :wink:
owen coyle's claret and blue army...

wish I was going

Yup that will be a top day out, really fancy it, but rallying (motorsport not campervan!) in Scotland next weekend then back up for Edinburgh marathon the week after so can't really get time off work.

A great atmosphere in the pub last night, & brilliant goals, although the game was typically "tense". Coyle's done a brilliant job, I think he sets a good example by turning out to play for the reserves. Added to that he makes sure the players chat to anyone who happens to turn out to watch the training at Gawthorpe, top bloke!

Burnley's gonna be quiet a week on Monday!
Good luck Burnley

I'm there this sunday JUST trying to get back in the league!!
woohoo i got my ticket \:D/ \:D/
tommytli said:
Just registered to get my tickets for Burnley fingers crossed :wink:
Ahhh yes, the New Wembley, the finest stadium in the world....... cost a penny or two more than budget and was finished late but it was worth it to see basically a stadium with the obligatory piece of curved scaffolding over the top of it to give it the 'amazing' status. Forgive me, I'm being cynical, I should return to the MP expenses thread where I can bash away without upsetting anyone. :wink:

Good luck Burnley, playing Millwall right?

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