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western france surf beaches and wild camp

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hi everyone were heading to western france in august for some much needed surf practice ,and wondered if anyone got any pointers of some nice areas ,wild or campsites near the beach and resturants but not baritz , a small quiet area with little resturants , thanks in advance gary
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Hi Gary,
Can only advise and make suggestions around the Portbail, Carteret areas opposit the Channel Islands. Wonderful beaches.!!!

If thats of interest??
We stayed near Mimizan Plage some years ago when our pair travelled with us, there is a lake for windsurfers and the sea for raging surf. The campsite was in a place called Aureilhan or something close to that. Thankfully kite surfing had not been invented back then or I dont think my ticker would have survived, it was actually 16 years ago but seems like about 3. Kids really enjoyed it as they both windsurfed.

we will be surfing in the same area aug/sept we surfed St. Giron Plage area
may/june last year checkit out here
for campsites see here
Quiberon peninsula fine not far from resort of Carnac Brittany

Dave P

hi guys thanks for your replies ,great info as always ,chapter thanks for the link ,any preferences to campsites, youve stayed on ? thanks again gary
The aire at Capbreton. Perfect for surfing.
camping de la plage at la trinite sur mer handy for Quiberon peninsular
plenty of other sites in area

dave p


for the best surfing in Bretagne, try Plomeur La Torche in Finistere. Big waves and big beach and very popular with surfers and wind sufers.
For camping try
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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