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What a day :-(

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Finally got my new van yesterday. All was great until I got home and realised they do not include anything.
No gas, no power cable, no water hose etc etc etc.
So today I went back to Brownhills in my car today to buy it all.
I was handing back my car today so When a large lorry dropped half a brick on my windscreen I knew the day was going to be a bad one. My credit cards have been stolen then the lad who collected the car to return it only had one copy of the paperwork which he took with him. Oh well.

I have finally cheered up. got everything sorted and took the van down to ASDA to buy all the usual shopping. On the way down passed 4 motorhomes and they All waved. I am smilling again and looking forward to getting rid of my house and getting off to France.

Why is it that even the cheapest cars these days include central locking and electric windows. My £40K Hymer is all manual and its a nightmare checking everything is locked. I think an upgrade is on the cards for this.

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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