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What AntiVirus Software do you use?

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What antivirus software do you all use?
I am using Norton Internet Security 2005 and Norton SystemWorks 2005, have not had any trouble with it before but have picked up 2 viruses in a week. Formatted my computer the other day and all seemed well but picked up another tonight "Backdoor.Beasty.Family". It keeps saying it has found it and deleted it but can't have. Have run the virus scanner in both normal mode and safe mode and it does not find anything. Followed instructions from symantec site about deleting things in the registry but can't find anything there either.

Every time i "right click" on something it occurs !

Have installed Microsoft Office 2003 lately, wonder if this is where the problem is from?

Hope someone can shed some light on the problem

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We now use Mcafee anti virus security. Were using Norton 2005 but started getting allsorts of bother like you. Took it off and installed the Mcafee. All Ok at the moment. Also use spybot, adaware 6, pest patrol and microsoft anti spyware. you would be surprised at the no of times the microsoft anti spyware picks stuff up & blocks it.

1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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