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What AntiVirus Software do you use?

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What antivirus software do you all use?
I am using Norton Internet Security 2005 and Norton SystemWorks 2005, have not had any trouble with it before but have picked up 2 viruses in a week. Formatted my computer the other day and all seemed well but picked up another tonight "Backdoor.Beasty.Family". It keeps saying it has found it and deleted it but can't have. Have run the virus scanner in both normal mode and safe mode and it does not find anything. Followed instructions from symantec site about deleting things in the registry but can't find anything there either.

Every time i "right click" on something it occurs !

Have installed Microsoft Office 2003 lately, wonder if this is where the problem is from?

Hope someone can shed some light on the problem

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I have over 250 clients using AVG free editon and not once over the last eight years have been called out for a prob with it unlike the one u r using..

Use in conjunction with adaware

and the beta version of MS Spytool

I also use sygate firewall

To get much better protection you need to spend loads of dosh and get e.g.
Sophos but why bother - you don't run or own a bank.
antnjac said:
I use AVG 7 free edition with Windows 98 and XP,no problems. Also use other excellent freebies ZoneAlarm, Ad-aware and Spyware Blaster on my Win 98 system. havn't tried Ad-aware and Spyware Blaster with XP yet .
Tony :D
Spywareblaster I use too on XP without probs. It has a useful but limited purpose simply blocking websites that are known problems.
I think I should point out that some people have probs with AVG because they do not realise that when downloading emails, they are intercepted by AVG into a protected folder, checked for viruses and then released to Outlook\outlook Express when cleared OK. Thus any viruses will not leave this protected folder and will be dealt with in there.

This give the impression that Outlook\outlook express is not downloading or is taking too long to download if it has attachments.

A furtther note worth considering is that most people on broadband have their emails checked for viruses by expensive virus packages by their ISP on their server so in this case you can disable the email part of AVG as it is duplicating an action that is not necessary.

In other words, the only route for viruses in this scenario is from the Internet or from cd's\floppies from other people.
peejay said:
In defence of Norton, i've had it since the beginning and had no problems at all, it seems to do its job well blocking loads of trojan thingies and something trying to get in the back door sub seven(?). I'm happy with it.

pusser wrote;

In other words, the only route for viruses in this scenario is from the Internet or from cd's\floppies from other people.
perhaps i've misunderstood you there puss, but can't you get virusses from emails and particularly when you open an attachment?

Sorry PJ - Only just saw your post. What I was trying to say but not very clearly is that most people using a paid connection often get free virus protection from their ISP. BT is one. Emails and attachments are scanned for viruses before you even log in and download them. The software they use costs hundreds, if not thousands and is far more rigourous than anything the average PC user can afford or even get. So as far as I know, the only way to get a virus of an email is if it is a zipped (compressed) file that the user unwisely opens.

The main cause of viruses at present is from places like Kazaa, Winmx from people downloading music and files. The main irritations at present are from internet hooks, adware which then open ports for trojans. Some of these trojans, once on your PC are accepted by firewalls.
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