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What AntiVirus Software do you use?

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What antivirus software do you all use?
I am using Norton Internet Security 2005 and Norton SystemWorks 2005, have not had any trouble with it before but have picked up 2 viruses in a week. Formatted my computer the other day and all seemed well but picked up another tonight "Backdoor.Beasty.Family". It keeps saying it has found it and deleted it but can't have. Have run the virus scanner in both normal mode and safe mode and it does not find anything. Followed instructions from symantec site about deleting things in the registry but can't find anything there either.

Every time i "right click" on something it occurs !

Have installed Microsoft Office 2003 lately, wonder if this is where the problem is from?

Hope someone can shed some light on the problem

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I use Norton Syetem works 2003, in conjunction with adaware and microsoft Antispyware. I have BT broadband so I know bt checks the emails sent to me, but also have a firewall built into the ADSL connection, running through Netgear Firewall FR318. I also have a Firewall built into the PC, but have that switched off. You cannot be sure enough on a net work. This seems to sort things out for me.
Try Avast from here

I use it after a couple of problems with AVG.. And its Free..... we like that!
This Zonealarm seems to be doing ok, suppose it's early days yet. Just started getting used to it.
Says it has blocked 302 intrusions since install and 12 of these have been "high rated". Only got it up and running just before dinner
When I was running Norton 2003 a virus wiped my computer out, I then upgraded to Norton 2004 and got wiped out again. :(
Like Pusser, I use AVG and Sygate, both free, but really my best defense for both viruses and any other system problems is PQ Driveimage.

I take it for granted that your hard drive is partitioned ? and that all valuable data is safely saved onto a logical partition, seperate from the O/S partition...?

If so, then if a clean image of the O/S partition may be taken on a regular basis,... (after upgrades, ect,)... then it is a quick and easy process to re-install the O/S from a recent drive or "Ghost" image, to have a virus-free system once more.

Apart from the problem of viruses, this form of maintanance and safeguard is a good idea to keep your PC lean and fast,... Win XP in particular is prone to become bloated and slow, and it can be advantageous to occasionally restore the system back to a time when all was running sweetly.

Just remember that if you restore an image, you lose all e-mails ect from the date the image was taken.

As Pusser says the free AVG from Grisoft is brill! all viruses are trapped in a 'virus vault' such an easy programme to use for everyone! :D

M&D :) :)
yes have got two seperate hard drives for just that reason. Never encountered these problems before though, have always been virus free.
Wish I knew what kicks these idiots get from creating these viruses. If they are that clever wouldn't you think they would put it to better use.
i got norton with my new pc and ran it for 30 days until the annoying things started like you have to pay for it in another 30 days so why not do it now
so i downloaded avg and as soon as it ran it found a virus that the norton had failed to detect,
my firwall is xp and zone alarm
and i run ad aware and spybot dosopt and winpatrol
I love the win patrol as it refuse to let anything change your settings without permission [yours] so it always asks before anything can go wrong.
all of them are free which is a bonus too
peejay said:
In defence of Norton, i've had it since the beginning and had no problems at all, it seems to do its job well blocking loads of trojan thingies and something trying to get in the back door sub seven(?). I'm happy with it.

pusser wrote;

In other words, the only route for viruses in this scenario is from the Internet or from cd's\floppies from other people.
perhaps i've misunderstood you there puss, but can't you get virusses from emails and particularly when you open an attachment?

Sorry PJ - Only just saw your post. What I was trying to say but not very clearly is that most people using a paid connection often get free virus protection from their ISP. BT is one. Emails and attachments are scanned for viruses before you even log in and download them. The software they use costs hundreds, if not thousands and is far more rigourous than anything the average PC user can afford or even get. So as far as I know, the only way to get a virus of an email is if it is a zipped (compressed) file that the user unwisely opens.

The main cause of viruses at present is from places like Kazaa, Winmx from people downloading music and files. The main irritations at present are from internet hooks, adware which then open ports for trojans. Some of these trojans, once on your PC are accepted by firewalls.
i understand that a trojan is something that hides in the pc but what does or can it actually do?
The first one that I got closed down my firewall and antivirus and also put a new desktop image up telling me to go to a certain site and get their antivirus software.
The second one just stopped me from opening programs properlyand stopped me from using my right click on mouse..
I can't see any possible reason for using anything other than AVG. It' free, effective and updates automatically every few days. The updates on V7 are much more frequent than in the past but they usually only take seconds to download and install. I had reason to be grateful last week when some b*****d sent me a batch of 54 infected Emails - all intercepted by AVG and harmlessly disposed of.

I had problems with my system at home, not very well protected, just an outdated Norton. I got infected with all sorts of spyware etc and it meant that the cheapest course of action was a new system. On advise I am now protected by an auto updated Norton Antivirus, Internet security suite as well as Firewalls, Adaware (for thespyware etc) and anti pop ups and spam filters.
So far so good it all seems to work fine.
Hi badger,

Nice to see someone else in support of norton, thought i was the only one!

I think the important thing with norton, like you say, is to set it up for auto updates.

I agree pj,
free software if fine, for a time, but new viruses are coming out every day and unless the software is updated, you have no protection against them.

Its not expensive either (by the way I have no interest in any antivirus software)
or at least not as expensive as having you system de bugged or at worst like me, a complete new one.
I use the same as Pusser on the Desktop (free download from Grisoft), and MacaFee on the laptop

Dave :)
AVG 7 and Zonealarm --update AVG every two days. Zonealarm is a "set it and forget it " as they will let you know when it needs an update .
Used these two for years now (AVG5 to start) kept me out of trouble ---only copped for two virus intrusions in that time, which were immediately picked up and quarenteened into AVG vault.


hi all, when your as sure as you can be that your computer is clean, download prevx intrusion detection (free) from zdnet it constantly moniters your pc registry and will not allow anything to alter it with out your permision,apparently there are ways into your registry that don't require any codes which all other protection look for. so if someone is trying to be sneaky this will tell you
my avg [free version] updates every 2 days too and as i say it detected a virus /trojan that the installed Norton hhad missed. I downloaded the avg because it is free and the norton would have cost me but I'm glad i got rid of the norton and got the AVG.
win patrol is free so is adaware and spybot and the do spot.
i get this even tho I don't understand most of it
it tells you about the free stuff that's available and rates it
It may be of some use to others
Just to add me 10 peneth.

I was using McAfee up to early last year when i received 3 virus attacks which caused 3 wipes of the hard drive. Expensive to say the least.

I opted to change to Norton Professional - downloaded software which includes virus checker - auto update - and firewall all inclusive for £60 a year.

I have -touch wood - not had any further problems but the the norton system has caught every single new virus without problem including the nasty one that came out last month - can't remember the name at the moment..

I think the moral is that you pays your money (or not as the case may be) and takes your chances.

There is no bad anti virus software just badly managed - usually you get what you pay for althought the "Free" one that has been discussed in this thread does seem to be doing the job very well.
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