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As mentioned in another thread I am going to be selling goods on MHFacts in the near future so as a service to me to ascertain exactly what mhers buy and also for new mhers who want to know what to stock up with I am creating this thread for people to post in any gadgets, equipment / accessories they have purchased for their motorhome / trips away.

Could you please keep you posts short and sweet in this thread along the lines of :-

Equipment/Accessory/Gadget Name
Approx Cost

So far the list has the following:-

Head light converters
First Aid kit
GB Plate
Warning Triangles
spare bulb kits
fire extinguishers
fire blankets
carbon monoxide detectors
gas detectors
polarity tester
reverse polarity hook up leads
ampeage use tester
bike racks
fan heaters
remoska electric grills
tyre gauges
triple car charger adaptors, useful
inverters, (Various Watts)
velcro ties and velcro strips
gas regulators
foreign gas regulator kits (Butane/Propane)
All camping accessories
Haynes Motorcarvan manual
aire de service guides
road maps for Europe
GPS Equipment
Continental Power adaptors

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I got carried away last year and bought a 'soft fibre trek towel' as a trial.
the blurb says hey fold up small, dry really quickly.
:thumbleft: and they do.. :thumbright:
also- Lifeventure charge about £25 for large size, you can get 'microfibre' towels from mail order catalogues for a lot less. they don't fold as small, and don't really dry as well, but are excellent value at much lower price.
Tchibo had some last year, and Stows have just sold some off at reduced price.

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so for list:

micro fibre towels from £7 - £25
sink type rubber plug £1
compressor £13 to £35
folding chairs £10 to £50
mossie killers/ 'green lamps' £10
small torch and spare batteries £3
travel scrabble [similar] £10
fold up wine carrier [for return trip] free
duct tape £2
duplicate of all documents [up to date!]
spare pair glasses
fan heater £20
electric fan £20
rucksack £10
towel rack [over radiator type] £2
can opener £5

tinned chicken / steak
tinned potatoes / corn
boil in bag rice[less mess] / dried pasta
herbs / spices / olive oil [to make the stuff in tins palatable]
cuppa soup [doubles as sauce / gravy]
HP sauce, cooking sauces
bottle of water

non food:
loo additives & roll,
washing capsules
sharp knife and scissors
cling film aluminium foil

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What do you need!

One thing especially if you are buying secondhand is a damp meter, water ingress is a real problem and could add more than £2500 to your bill if found, not to mention who can fix it. :cry:

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Having had our wing mirrow either vandalised or whipped off while being passed by truckers on the motorway etc I suggest a good :-

clip on caravan type mirror .

A compass


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One more "really important" item:

- mosquito repellant (especially in Scandinavia or Scotland- 8O )

Best Regards,

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Lets not forget the insect repellant for Scottish gnats.

We use Australian Bodycare Tee Tree Oil. This is a good antiseptic as well. And of course will deal with those unwelcome visitors in childrens heads on starting school.
Good to add to the dogs bath to keep him smelling aweet if travelling with you. Will stop a cold sore in its tracks & many other uses. so:-

Australian Bodycare TEE TREE OIL.


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Caution required;

"TEE TREE OIL" is extremely TOXIC if digested. Sadly they don't always tell you this important fact.

Further to the mozzies. need to modify the roof vents to stop the blighters getting in through the vents (even when closed!).
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