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What is the latest on the Go Box?

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In a couple of weeks time we intend to travel from the Fussen area to the Dolomites via Innsbruck and the Brennan Pass with the Hymer (3.9T) and Toad and wondered what the latest Toll charges were likely to be with a Go Box for both vehicles hitched together, or would it be a lot cheaper to travel separately?
Also, has anyone recently done this route staying off the motorway and using the 177 and the 182? If so, what is the condition/gradient of the road like and would it be better to unhitch when starting to climb to the summit or is it one long climb anyway?


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Check this out

We did the exact route last October in our camper and years ago towing a 7m Fendt caravan

Twisty in places between Germany and Austria

I would recommend the Auto route over the pass leaving once into Italy

There are good A roads throughout the area with spectacular views in the Dolomites

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Wupert said:
Check this out


Price calculator here

If it opens in German click on the Union.Jack

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