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I doubt that you will be able to buy just that cover, Duck tape would cover it.

Does it still work without the cover ? I wonder whether the cover completes electrical circuits and is therefore essential, but if it still works without,bthe just tape and perhaps a couple of small pieces of plastic would suffice.

Looking at an enlarged version of the picture, the round black parts are switches to press (lock and unlock) so you ought to be able to cut a piece of eg yoghurt pot type plastic to the correct shape to cover the whole thing, held in place by tape.

If you go to a scrap yard they may have an identical looking key (Toyota, Citroen or Peugeot) and you could get the correct cover from that. You do not NEED new electronics as long as it still works if you carefully press each button separately.

Otherwise it’s a new key time and they have to come from main dealers afaik as the code has to be entered in the key before use.

We had to buy one for our Picasso and it was around £70 about three years ago…..
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