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There is a bisic requirement and that is . Large garage, Rear wheel drive. Good ground clearance Many MH's including the one I am in at the moment are hopeless for motocross because FWD is no good in a wet paddock. The Kentucky and Rimors are rear wheel drive. The Ford version has traction control and with a large (tall) garage that will take any MX bike. I am going to see my grandson race this weekend and will not be able to get my FWD motor out of the venue so will go with my son in his cusom made race truck. Previously I have been to this track many times with a Kentucky Estro 4 and never had any problem getting out wet or dry. Why do all the GP riders have them including Billy Mackenzie and James Noble. Its for the above reason. You can get good deals on these vans
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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