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What Rear Shockers to fit??

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HI Friends,

I would welcome any advice on recommended makes of rear shock absorbers to fit to my 2005 Autocruise Starfire EL (Boxer chasis not alko).

I am sure I have read previously that quality of these components varies and I am keen to fit something that will provide maximum performance.

Hope someone can help

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Silly question, but why does a 2005 van need new shock absorbers...?
I have a 2005 Ducato (same as the Boxer) and when it had it's MoT this week I was told one of the rear shocks was 'damp' and would likely need replacing within 12 months, and my van has only done 12,000 miles! I was also informed that with my chassis number the cab/platform was actually manufactured in 2003!
Forgot to mention, I've always found Euro Car Parts ( pretty good - Bilstein rears @£49 each.

Otherwise try local motor factors, or if you want a local garage to do them try Yellow Pages.
Hi John like Bigles I was told a year ago that there was 'slight misting' on the rear shockers and so I am assuming that I will get picked up on this at it's next MOT due next week. If I do I do not want a budget product put on that only last months

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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