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What size TV

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Looking to buy a TV for the Hymer 644 C and I'm wondering what size to buy. There seem to be some good prices on 15'' flat screens so I would like to know if that is big enough, what size do most people buy, etc.
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15inch is a good size. I guess it depends on the space available and how far away you are and of course how good are your eyes. :) :)

There are some good 17in sets around for a similar price as 15 inch. Dual voltage is the key I suppose. Many dual voltage sets will run off a 12 volt battery but not all. You tend to pay a premium for dedicated 12 volt sets.

Shop around.....
If you have a dedicated TV locker then it probably makes sense to get the largest one that will fit and a built in dvd and freeview if you cab get it.
A 17in Meos fits snuggly in our locker.

In our Flash S3 we have a 15" Meos 230/12 volt on an articulated bracket on the front face of the wardrobe structure. This allows for excellent view either from the overcab double or the dinette however I guess your van, being that much bigger, could do with a 17" if it can be accommodated sensibly.
Ask to listen to whatever you buy first.

We have a 15 inch one and the loudspeakers sound as if they were two tin cans. We can listen to it via the cab speakers -fine- but that is another layer of wiring and connections to make.

I'm looking to not spend too much as my wife would just at soon be without one. So I may go with the 15'' 230 volt plugged into our inverter. I think the best place to put it is mounted on the wall of the bath facing the table. Two can sit in the dinette seat and two in the upper bed.

We use the TV cupboard for food storage or we may put a microwave in there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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