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What spares would you take?

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hello all

Still planning for our long trip to the Urals in our 2002 B564 (Ducato 2.8jtd) late summer and thinking about what spare parts to take, if any. She's done 28,000 miles. Had the 5th gear changed and a new battery last year but the rest is original.

We will have breakdown recovery cover but don't suppose Russian garages will carry spares so breakdowns will entail waiting for spares deliveries - could be a week or two.

What do you think is likely to go?


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hi seeker ,couple of things spring to mind , cambelt, youve only got 28k so if you havent changed it , maybe an idea to get it done , fanbelt , check the condition of your brake pads and discs.
check your earth strap has a good connection .liesure and cab battery condition, tyres and spare ,and headache tablets for the russian vodka............. :lol: have a good trip regards gary
Thanks Gary

Not getting much feedback on this one - did I post it in the wrong forum, I wonder?

With a journey of around 8,000 miles planned I thought there'd be oodles of good advice.

We'll be writing a journal of the trip so all the ups and downs will be recorded!


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Something I would consider would be Puncture/Ultra seal for the tyres.

Headlight protectors.

Bulbs for the base vehicle as well as those for the habitation area.

A selection of tools for refixing things that get shaken loose.

Duck tape--of course.
Urals - advice

:D Ciao, you're probably not getting many replies because not that many members will have experience of Russia, myself included.
One thought that does spring to mind is contact FIAT to see what, if any, presence they have in Russia. I suspect quite a lot. Their Lada motorcar was simply a Russian built and modified FIAT 124, built at Togliattigrad, in the factory designed/built/managed by FIAT. I can remember in the 70's an Orient Express type train left Torino every evening for Moscow/Togliattigrad.
Togliatti was the charismatic leader of the Italian Communist party, who spent the Fascit years in exile in Russia, and then returned triumphantly to Italy after WW II.
Hi, How long is a piece of string? During my first trip to Spain my turbo hose popped off and I lost all power including the jubilee clip!. Locate the turbo hose and replace the jubilee clips with stonger, wider ones. On my second trip to Spain the water temperature gauge failed. :cry: Unfortunately you cannot think of everything. The duck tape is a good tip and I would recomend you include a small sheet of tarpaulin to cover any windows that might get broken in the habitation area.
Have a great time


I would take basic essentials, fuses, bulbs, jump leads and that sort of thing. If they do not have what you want there is always DHL/UPS and so on.

BTW Where is that picture of in your avatar?

To the best of my recollection the avatar piccie was taken on Skopelos some six years ago. It was our first skirmish with motorhomes - we rented a vintage Hymer from a small firm in the Netherlands to go to Greece to seek out a holiday home to buy. We never found one - and then realised we were sitting in it! We bought a newer version of the same model the following year on our retirement and have since done three of the four corners of Europe (North to Norway, West to Ireland and South to Spain/Morocco and Italy)- only the East is left to conquer - move over Napoleon ... mmm, perhaps not the best example, nor the German corporal's adventure! Looking back it was a bit brave to drive through europe to greece on our first ever motorhome trip - and still taking risks now with the plan for Russia!

Ah, Togliatti and Euro-communism, they were the days, eh! When the world was full of hope for better things just around the corner. Now all we have is one misery heaped on another. The capitalist system is tottering yet again, tripped up by excessive greed, but there's nothing to put in its place. Do the Greens have the answer?

Thank Dog for motorhoming!

I've already looked at the Russian Fiat network in my old service book and it certainly existed when that was published. I'll check out the latest position.

One slight uncertainty is being able to phone from the roadside when disaster strikes. Mobile coverage exists but the maps look like Nottingham lace and we could just end up in the middle of a pine forested valley somewhere without a signal...

It would be great to be able to log on to MHF with a laptop from the wilds of Russia. Any ideas as to how best to accomplish that feat?

keep the tips coming - all good stuff.


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Just join ADAC as they will get you home from the Urals for free and deliver any spares you need quickly.

We did that trip last year and you will find filters essential, diesel, oil and air plus have all the oils changed, engine, gearbox and rear axle. You can get small clear stickers for windscreen damage from the RAC well worth taking!
Almost forgot stick to the speed limits, Russian Police very keen and have lots of radar devices. They hide in the trees and have a car some way down the road. If caught you'll spend hours trying to understand the problem ubless you speak good Russian.

Try to visit Sergev Possad!
Just another point the other side (east) of the Urals winter starts on August 23rd so perhaps you should check out the weather forecasts.
All very helpful. Have now come across this site for anybody planning long trips. It has a fairly comprehensive list:

The vehicle side seems to have been covered pretty well. However the most important thing I would take with me if I were you would be a spare water pump (habitation fresh water one). I have had two break on me and now carry a spare. Nothing worse than being miles from home and not having fresh water...

Thanks Karl. Have been thinking about it as the non-return valve on the current pump sticks open from time to time and is only revived by giving it a good thump.

On tyres, I thought I'd have two new ones fitted to the front and take the two removed with us as spares. Possibly also have all four sealed.

Just back from a 4600 mile trip with our Hymer on a Fiat ( 1999 ) and I took...

Gaffer Tape
Gorilla Glue
Self Amalgamating tape for hose repair.
Fan belt
plus normal spares like screws, washers, electrical wire and connectors etc.

Thankfully didn't need any of it.....

Plus had the van and fridge serviced before we left...

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