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What's on't telly

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I thought somewhere to comment on or suggest TV programs might be a good subject as it tends to get put in amongst other threads so not easy to find later on.

We watched the last of the Vigil series on Friday night, it's been quite well done, about faslane and Russian spies on a submarine, also started the second series of Manhunt with Clunsie playing a very odd part as a rozza.

Also a really good USA series, man with a plan, very funny.
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Was it Ken Dodd?
Silly bugger, it was on the screen.
I didn´t wait until the end, never heard of him.
This is very funny (to me anyway) ar 4.09 if its starts at the beginning.

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I know, I have seen him a few times on Youtube and just found this that must have been recorded just after his Tax problem, but it´s the teams that are hilarious about him.
I´m sure I saw that some years ago, or am I dreaming again.
If I did I don´t know how.
It´s on Youtube, I will now watch it as I´m feeling lazy.
It´s on Youtube, I will now watch it as I´m feeling lazy.
I haven´t watched it yet because I`ve had a bit of trouble, :frown2: with the Christmas tree.
you shouldn't be climbing on top at your age.
Ah well, where there´s a will and all that who knows :grin2:
I won´t be watching it on Youtube because its in the wrong format and has a flyscreen in frost of it.
There was a discussion on the wireless the other morning re. a film about British soldiers tunnelling under enemy lines to lay charges. Just wondering if anyone can name the film please.
Here is something I found Drew, not a film, but a documentary.

Which station Drew?

Leading Britains Conversation.
Have a look here Drew.
I can´t find anything about films though.
I am going to have a musical evening with Andre Rieu on my local TV. RBB. It won’t be the same watching it alone, this was one of our favourite viewings, I don’t know what year this is from, we may even have watched it together, in fact I’m sure we did because I have seen it before and as I haven’t watched him since Hans died and I’m sure there has not been a new program from Maastricht because of the pandemic.

It’s from 2014. One night in Venice…… we did watch it together
We watched the film Vigilante on Netflix last night. It stars Danny Dyer and is about a special forces bloke who comes home to seek revenge on his dead folks. Very graphic and a bit rude but overall a good watch we thought.
What do you mean by a bit rude Graham? Its rude to interrupt when someone else is talking, or shut a door in someone's face, or it used to be rude for a Man to leave his hat on when entering a house or church, I imagine you mean theirs a bit of sex in it. That's OK for us old codgers coz it brings back fond memories :laugh:
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Who remembers a series from the 80s or maybe 90s about a young girl who was raped by 2 men and she then de locked one of them, he died of course and her Dad took the blame for it. Grandad was always smelling the milk jug, that was something that was remarked on many times It’s annoying not remembering the name of the series.
Nope, what does de locked mean?
What is a bullock, is a bull without the locks, don't you know anything.
P.S. Why are you up so early after your rotten day yesterday ?
Watched three parts of "Rules of the Game" on iPlayer. I dont normally watch "Four parters" as they are generally disappointing but this is not bad.
I of course can´t watch it, but I only had to read the introduction and it shouted BARRY :grin2:

Contains some strong language, some sexual content and upsetting scenes.
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Sorry Boss, when was I supposed to wake up, it was light, I was fursty, needed pee.
Light at 6.48 this morning, was it full moon or did you leave the light on.
I can’t say anything about live TV, Netflix and the occasional Prime I watch, some of those films or series I have to keep winding back to hear what was said, they don’t all have sub titles and if they do they ar3 a nuisance to me because they don’t write what is being said. Nothing wrong with my hearing either Pat, I have even tried adjusting the tones on the amplifier to no avail.
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