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What's on't telly

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I thought somewhere to comment on or suggest TV programs might be a good subject as it tends to get put in amongst other threads so not easy to find later on.

We watched the last of the Vigil series on Friday night, it's been quite well done, about faslane and Russian spies on a submarine, also started the second series of Manhunt with Clunsie playing a very odd part as a rozza.

Also a really good USA series, man with a plan, very funny.
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Have any of our members seen the new John Lewis Insurance advert? If not it is well worth watching!!!

It can be viewed on YouTube.
There was a discussion on the wireless the other morning re. a film about British soldiers tunnelling under enemy lines to lay charges. Just wondering if anyone can name the film please.
Yes Jan, I got that also, this was definitely a film they were discussing. It was sometime just after 05:30 and I was dozing with the wireless on when I heard it, I intended to write the name down when I got up but completely forgot. I believe they were discussing the New Year celebrations on the battlefield during the first world war when someone mentioned the film re. "Tunnel Warfare".
One of our favourite films, "Goodnight Mr Thom", is on this afternoon, as it is "pooin doon" just now I daresay we will watch it again.
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Thank you Graham, I will watch it within the next few evenings.
Kev, Having informed us that you had purchased a folding mobility scooter for your holiday, may I ask how you got on with it?

Yesterday Joyce mentioned that she was interested in one for using while we were out and about, i.e. to carry in the back of our car, and knowing that you had recently bought one for your motorhome I thought that I would ask your opinion.

May I have the Pros & Cons please.
Thank you Kev, greatly appreciated.

I never gave ground clearance a thought, I would have assumed that they all had a decent ground clearance.
We have just spent nearly 2 hours watching Karen Pirie on ITV and couldn't understand a word they were saying. Mumble Jumble for 2 hours.

Not the fault of the TV sound, we have a B&O system with full surround sound which is normally first class.
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The Stonehouse two part series on ITV last night was very interesting for me.
I remember lots of skulduggery in the Wilson era but not Stonehouse affair.
Rumours of Wilson and Lady Faulkner, Polson, Ganex and even Red Rum.

Yes Ray, it brought back some memories?

What we liked about it most of all, we could hear and understand every word that was spoken, unlike Happy Valley that we had to give up on due to Sarah Lancashire gibbering away in some "foreign language" that was unintelligible.
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Did you mean unintelligible? As an 80 year old, I am entitled to make a few mistakes now and then. hence the reason I now abstain from posting on any of your threads.
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For those who are interested:

Harry the Interview on ITV this evening 21:00. — 22:35
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