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What's on't telly

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I thought somewhere to comment on or suggest TV programs might be a good subject as it tends to get put in amongst other threads so not easy to find later on.

We watched the last of the Vigil series on Friday night, it's been quite well done, about faslane and Russian spies on a submarine, also started the second series of Manhunt with Clunsie playing a very odd part as a rozza.

Also a really good USA series, man with a plan, very funny.
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I generally dont bother if its had less than three seasons. Mind you long running shows are not necessarily great either. How long did Last of the Summer wine go on for? Utter ****e! :D

Treadstone season 2 is no longer happening after confirmation that USA Network's Jason Bourne spinoff series has been cancelled after just one season. There are a couple of main reasons behind this somewhat surprising decision, which chiefly stem from the show's ratings, and the channel's overall shift towards a different kind of programming. These two factors spelled a death-knell for Treadstone, which unsuccessfully tried to pour the international espionage-based thrills of the Bourne franchise into an episodic series.

Based on the Jason Bourne films (which in turn are based on the books by author Robert Ludlum), Treadstone season 1 is set in two different time periods. A 1973 storyline follows John Randolph Bentley (Jeremy Irvine), a CIA Operative who was captured by the KGB and put through a brainwashing program that programmed him to carry out assassinations and other missions for the Soviets. In the present-day storyline, a group of operatives who were turned into sleeper agents by the CIA's own behavior modification program, Treadstone, begin to awaken.
I think from memory that there were 3 Bourne films with Matt Damon and another film with Gerrard Butler as a spin off. However there are loads of Jason Bourne books - more than 10 I think - so plenty of scope for more films or indeed an action series or two.
I found Waldemar Januszczak's programme, revolution of the impressionists last night excellent. I think it deserves a wider audience than ART lovers.
Sorry Dick but it'll not get one with me. I am a hollow vacuum when it comes to art appreciation.
That as well huh, suspectid as much though.
Cock womble
WTF is that?
We bulls wobble but we don't fall down.
Thats a link to gmail Kev

I Watched that Why ships crash Evergiven thing you posted. Very interesting.
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I deleted it, can't find a link to the content but it's all here
We watched the first episode of The Tourist on BBC iPlayer last night. It shaped up very nicely too. It's a series have downloaded so we can carry on watching it whilst away.
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Yes G we wanted to watch it but always something else on at the same time and no recorder here. So will just have to wait for the repeats.

Do you remember the days when there was literally something on the telly, like a vase or ornimunt.
...or dust!
As a kid we had two channels BBC and ITV, we had a proper BBC Ariel and a DIY ITV Ariel made by dad.
To change channel we had to go into the dining room and connect the required Ariel connection.

The TV was a proper cabinet type piece of furniture with Tambour sliding doors, B&W only and valve operated.

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Some would call you an old fart Terry, but I have more respect for old farts than to call you an old fart.
...we weren't posh but we had an aerial from memory!
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