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What's the best test?

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We are hiring again this year, hoping to make final decision in time to get our own motorhome early next year.
Thing is I recon the best test would be to head for the worst weather in the country, not take any other transport ie bikes with us and see if we can hack it. I think if we survive that we can survive anything :lol:
John wants to search the weather for the best, take pushbikes and head off touring there.
all thoughts ideas and most :wink: criticism welcome
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If you are touring in this country you usually get a good mix of weathers anyway. As for transport its quite surprising how you can get around on Public Transport.
I think the biggest test is living together in a small space for extended periods and if you are both happy I guarantee you will have made the right choice, it really is a joint decision.

Good luck

Do what you think you would use it for if it was your own! Take the bikes (especially if you use them regularly to get around), and assess what there is in the area you want to head for.
We always try to aim for sites that are reasonably near to towns / villages or have a pub nearby, or have public transport nearby which can get you out & about.
It's not like tugging, where you dump the caravan at the site & drive about in the car; unless you're ready to move off at the drop of a hat, you're normally there for a couple of days, and walking / cycling / public transport will be the norm.
If you wanted to go abroad, try the Mosel Valley.

If there is a motorhoming heaven, that's it - and even if you realise motorhoming is not for you (which I doubt! 8O ) I challenge you not to enjoy a holiday "Stellplatzing" down the Mosel. :D

This is one of them, right next to a lovely old town with lots of bars and cafes.

Otherwise, do as Mike said. The real test is to simulate as nearly as possible what you will do when you have your own.

Note I used the word "when". :D :D

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For a very detailed public transport website, that accounts for travelling by foot, bus, train and coach, have a look at...

Thanks for the advice, am aware that when we spend longer periods in the van we will be living in it rather than being on holiday, hope it feels more like the latter though. so not sure how we will pass our time, knitting wool is light but takes up a lot of space. will be ok for J if we are near a golf course, we do take his clubs with us so perhaps i should take the knitting this time.
Only been a tugger a couple of times with a friend many years ago. Didn't appeal before I went and the experience only reinforced my long held belief (since I was about 5) that a dormobile as it was then was the only thing for me. Have had a few in the past, 2 bedford elevating roofs 1 bedford home build, looked like someone had put a garden shed on the back of a van :oops: and last was a romahome. Never ventured abroad and all were everyday vehicles. We wont be able to store at home so that isn't so much of an issue now.
Not able to go abroad this time, pity, would have been beneficial to see how I get on driving a large vehicle on the 'wrong' side of the road. I will be doing most of the driving, I enjoy it and John is happy to be a passenger, although i do allow him a turn now and again.
I don't use my cycle much at all, don't feel safe on the roads round here and the cycle tracks seem to end just where you really need them :roll:
John sometimes cycles to work so wont be a problem for him. We both enjoy walking though.
will have a look at sites near public transport and cycle paths then make a short list. So if any of you see a little woman in glasses waving madly, driving a Merc panel van conversion in early September it might be me. Sue
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