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Whats the difference in these?

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I have been thinking of installing a water filter to save lugging jug filter about.
I have seen the Nature pure which costs around £135 without a tap and replacement cartridges are £52.95.

This seems expensive compared to the Wickes water filter kit at £35
with replacement cartridges costing £15
We have a Wickes kit on the kitchen sink and it performs well.

Is there any difference in these two products apart from cost.

Dave P

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Hi Dave

I agree.

I'm sure the NaturePure is a good bit of kit, but the initial cost is off-putting and the annual running cost (at least one new filter per year!) makes yer eyes water. 8O :roll:

The Wickes one will do for me if I ever get round to fitting one, and maybe change the filter twice per year.

Just my opinion . . . as a well qualified and cynical skinflint. :wink: :D

Eyes water, must be joking, I dont even want to look at those prices!

You could buy a heck of a lot of water for that money!
I think the difference is the naturepure filters out a lot more dodgy stuff than a normal filter.
They used to have one set up at the shows where you could drink canal water after it had been filtered through it, don't think the Wickes one can do that.

Especially at Netto prices, 9 litres for about £1.50, that 210 litres for 35 quid, not to mention the cost of a cartridge every god knows how many litres.

you could drink canal water after it had been filtered through it
Possibly rather more than most people need, I suspect. :)

Eat and drink a little dirt every day, helps to keep you healthy. :lol:

Nothing wrong with the water in the tap in any EU country.
GerryD said:
Nothing wrong with the water in the tap in any EU country.
Quite right Gerry.

So far it has still been OK after passing through my water tank. :D

(Not my personal one you understand - you wouldn't want to drink it when it has been there!! 8O 8O )

The wickes job fitted at home originally had a dial. We used to change the filter at around 9 months of domestic use.
I use puritabs in tank and have nt had a problem with water. The scottish nectar makes it a funny colour tho`

Dave P

We have nature pure (sorry for that) didn't want to lug water bottles or fill fridge with jugs and saw how many fresh water taps washed out loo tanks!!

Changed our filter last month which has lasted us exactly 2 years from installation there are 3 occasionally 4 using the van, but we have the separate tap which means we only filter water we drink not what we wash in.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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