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Just a word of warning about fitting lifts on motorhome-check the additional weight that will be involved!

I learnt the hard way, had a purpose built M/C built by a company in Yorkshire. On delivery I took it to a weighbridge only to find that with only 4 adults in the vehicle and without the two disability scooters it was built to take, the vehicle was overweight by quite a considerable amount! This automatically invalidated my Mercedes warranty and no doubt the insurance. It was returned to the converters and had something fitted (you guys reading this will know what I mean!) to boost it up to 3.850 kg but even then weight was a problem when the M/C was loaded so I sold it but not without telling the purchasers why. There were only two of them and the wife who had MS was in a small manual wheelchair so weight was not a problem.

I have written about my problems with the purpose built M/C somewhere else on this website. I now only look ast American R/Vs as there are fewer weight problems with those.
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