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Where to buy Euros ?

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We are off to Germany for ten days w/c 22nd June. Where is the best place to buy Euros, we have a few from our last trip enough for a couple of days. Should we use our Nationwide debit card when we are in Germany or buy before we leave. We use the Nationwide credit card for fuel etc.

Paul and Ann
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Hi Paulann

Use your Nationwide Debit/Credit card as often as you can.

No interest on transactions and you will get the best rate - you'll be purchasing, in effect, directly with the vendor - so will by-pass the in-between/middle parties.

Take some Euros for small purchases and for convenience.

Some filling stations and toll roads will not accept our "plastic" - not too sure where, as things change quickly, but other members with more info will be along shortly.

Cheers and enjoy your trip.

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Hi Paulann;

I'd agree with spindrifter, use your Nationwide debit card at any banks hole in the wall, you should get a better rate than over here.

Paying by debit or credit card at fuel stations shouldn't be a problem in Germany but you will find that a lot of the German supermarkets don't accept cards. The bigger ones usually have a cash machine at the entrance though.

Have a great time. :)

For getting the best exchange rate I use the following web site as it depends on the amount you are exchanging etc:

Have a great trip


I always have a small amount of Euro in cash. I obtain them from - these are usually the best rates and they have a best rate guarantee.


Note - if you do not pre order the currency, you will find that the rates at the air/sea port are terrible.
Are Nationwide not changing their terms of use on oversea's transactions sometime soon?

Thought I'd read that somewhere, but probably mistaken :?

Anyway I always use for our currency exchange and free delivery for amounts over £400 - generally one of the best exchange rates and next day delivery.
Nationwide are introducing a 0.84% charge for VISA transactions outside Europe. Within Europe both the debit and credit cards give rates close to the commercial rate, currently just jittering around 1.1810, I'm delighted to tell you!
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