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where to stop on route

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We have booked the tunnel for 10.30 so we could go straight to cite de europe for the first night. We are now able to leave home earlier. If we get an earlier tunnel and get there at a time that we could drive for a couple of hours,we are going to the camargue, any safe aire suggestions. This is our second venture of more than a few days. Cannt wait to go
Thanks Dawn
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I can only repeat Dave Burleigh's very sound advice.

Stop and have a look around.

If either of you has the slightest worry, move on and try the next one. :? 8O

Have you got, "All the Aires in France" from Vicarious Books?

That's pretty good and gives an admittedly tiny photo of most Aires. Useful though as you can get some sort of "feel" for what it will be like. Any close to a small town and alongside a river or canal are likely to be OK, and there's sense in the phrase, "Safety in numbers".

Hope this helps a bit

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