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which guides?

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We're off to France for the first time.

Already got our Michelin Map.

Planning on getting 'All the Aires' and the 'ACSI card'.

Will this be enough to see us through 18 nights?

I was also thinking of ordering one of the CC or C&CC guides. Are they worth it, and if so, which one?

Many thanks
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The CC Foreign Touring guide to France has the most sites listed in it of any book published that we have ever come across. The sites are submitted by members so the information quality may vary and some may be a few years old but genereally it has worked well for us.

Good luck, hope you enjoy your trip.

My bible is LE GUIDE OFFICIEL CAMPING CARAVANING available from Vicarious books. Granted it is in French but it gives you nearly 10,500 campsite details. We've used it a lot.
Hi There Hezbez

Good choices thus far.

You might consider the "Lonely Planet Guide to France". Bags of info on Cities, Towns and larger Villages - with tips for eating out and places worth visiting plus the history of larger and interesting locations.

The Aires in English is good value and helpful. Mitchlin maps are the best

Try Vicarious Books (site below) they'll have all you need and more as well as giving cracking service.

Don't take too many books/maps - you'll get "overload" just meander and
enjoy your trip.

Other members I'm sure will be along shortly with their suggestions as there is much to choose from and we all have our favourite publications.

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Personally, I use the CC Europe 1 every time.
Loads of sites including many Municipals which I find convenient with adequate facilities (with exceptions!) and usually at a reasonable price.
I also like to follow my nose and try those hidden sites not shown in any guides.

Enjoy and don't plan in too much detail.
I agree with Penquin and Tonyt - the Caravan Club guides take some beating.

There are a load of POIs available for the Satnav if you have one, and these can be very handy, especially in an emergency when you might want to just find the nearest campsite and get the handbrake on.

Do a search - there has been loads on here about the POIs.

I think the advice given so far is very sound.
You don't mention your preferences of camp sites (commercial sites or Aires or wild camping spots) so at the risk of confusing you I will add another useful book - France Passion. Again from Vicarious Books and a good reference for safe night stops etc.

If you know the route you are roughly taking then look up and print out Aires/sites from here on MHF as they have been submitted by MH members and very often contain the latest info on places.

One thing for sure you will be amazed at how geared up and MH friendly the French villages are.
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