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Which Sealants and adhesives?

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Recently bought a '92 frankia 730 but some how missed what now appears to be quite extensive damp in the back wall around the window, the whole panel flexes and needs rebuilding :(

that said I'm not frightened of a bit of hard work and it must be repaired, I've already sourced wall board @ £45/8'x4' sheet (expensive or not?) but not sure of the best sealants/adhesives? for each stage, looking at the screwfix catalogue but that hasn't helped...

mastic for outer joints? sikaflex to bond internal bits together? oh I don't know :(

so suggestions of what and where to get it would be greatly appreciated
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Cheeky but pm pete at JCM or visit local workshop

Dave P

Manufacturers use Geocel HM... and funnily enough so do I, its good stuff.
Sika 291

Marine Sikaflex 291 - for external sealing & adhesion. Make sure surface is clean & prepared. Available @ all good boat Chandlers.
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